Butler Hugo is fulltime and part-tim available for all aspects related to running your household.

We take care of e.g.: 

  •  Coordination and/or execution of household activities
  •  Coordination and/or execution of maintenance of your house, the garden, your cars, etc.
  •  Taking care of simple meals

Butler Hugo is also available to take care of parties, small and large.

We take care of e.g.: 

  •  The logistics of the event
  •  Receiving the guests in style
  •  Serving drinks and dinner/lunch
  •  Preparation and excution of a High Tea, lunch, dinner
  •  Assisting in the departure of your guests in style

Speciale mededeling

Kerst en oud/nieuw 2011/12

Reserveer nu uw butler
voor uw onbezorgde kerst-
ontvangst of kerstdiner.
Feel free to request further information at any time

e-mail address        info@PA-4U.nl
telephone +31 (0)06 2460 3574